From the Editor

“A [person]  moves through time. It means nothing except that, like a harpoon, once thrown [they]  will arrive.”

― Anne Carson, Autobiography of Red

This year in the cabaret, time was more of an abstraction. Volume II represents the year in its entirety to us. Through job losses, COVID cases in our families, big moves across the country, and more uncertainty than we have words for. While personally our lives have been tumultuous (and still beautiful, of course) our year as a team has brought us to a place where I can see an endless horizon for cabaret. The team went from being just me at my computer to having three new people who added to the vision I started with. While this volume had its challenges, we have put in systems that will make future volumes more streamlined. With Iris, Melody, and Raymond I know we are headed in a direction full of energy and passion. 

These artists have managed to create in a time where every day has felt impossible in some way. There’s something to be said for that. No matter what it is, if you  managed to put pen to paper, brush to canvas, feet to floorboards– you accomplished something. I am so proud and astonished at this volume. Each piece has touched me in a way, but more importantly, these are artists I support and believe in. I want to see everything they make. 

I am elated to step forward with this team, and put out this phenomenal issue. This year threw us, and like a harpoon, we arrived.